Meghan Trainor Talks Hemorrhaging Vocal Cords in First Post-Surgery Interview


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Meghan Trainor was recently sidelined by a vocal cord injury, and she recently spoke to Ellen DeGeneres in her first post-surgery interview.

"I was on tour, and I was on top of the world, and I had everything, and then I went to rehearsals for another tour I was going on ... and I noticed right away that it hurt to speak," Trainor told Ellen.

"And I know like, that can't be good – when it hurts to speak. So I tried doing rehearsals and I went to some random doctor I could find close by and he saw hemorrhaging, which is when your little tiny vocal cords bleed – which is not the best."

Trainor says the doctor gave her two options – stop talking for four months to heal, or have surgery.

She opted for surgery, and it still left her with two weeks of recovery time. During that time, Trainor says she mostly used texting and social media to communicate. She also used a handy text-to-speech app.

"I had an app that texts to speech, so you can type in stuff and you can speak like a robot," she said.

And all that social media use led to some artistic inspiration. An Instagram romance was the spark behind her now song, "Lead Me On".

"There was a guy that I Instragrammed and I didn't put a caption, so the whole world freaked out, AKA all my Megatrons. All the fans were like, 'What is this?'" said Trainor. "It was just a little nothing. Nothing. But I did get a great song out of it."

Check out her first post-surgery interview below:

Trainor also performed with John Legend.

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