Meghan Trainor: 'Dear Future Husband' Not Sexist, Poses at Kid's Choice Awards With Angelina Jolie

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Meghan Trainor has a new music video out that shows her dressed up in housewife attire and doing chores. The 'All About That Bass' singer has come under fire for the video, with some even saying it's sexist.

"Everyone's going to say something," Trainor told told ET at the Kids' Choice Awards Saturday. "I don't think it's sexist. I just wrote a song for my particular future husband out there, wherever he is. I'm just preparing him. Lettin' him know what's up."

Meghan Trainor has no problem standing up for her beliefs, and that includes what she wants to sing about, too. When she broke on to the music scene with 'All About That Bass,' she spoke up about having a positive body image.

"I'm all about loving your body and that's why they came to me," she said. "They were so pumped and they're just, 'We love your songs, we love the empowerment and how you are a sassy and confident girl.' And I was like yes, that is what I'm going for. Let's do it."

Meghan Trainor's tour, dubbed 'That Bass,' kicked off in February. She told ET that prepping for a tour means surrounding herself with close friends and comforting things.

"Packing a lot of stuffed animals that the fans give me--love those," she said. "Texting everyone I know goodbye for a minute and I might bring my older brother on tour. That's like a new thing."

One of the highlights of the Kid's Choice Awards for Meghan Trainor was getting to meet Angelina Jolie. She even posed for a photo with the actress and her daughters Shiloh and Zahara.

See what you think about Meghan Trainor's new video, 'Dear Future Husband.' See if you think it's sexist, or if it's just more of Meghan Trainor freely expressing herself.

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