Megan Fox Shares Feelings of 'Mommy Guilt'


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Megan Fox is a phenomenal actress.

It's no secret that she's at the top of her game, and preparing to soar to new heights with her starring role in the upcoming reboot film, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Although her roles on camera are a big part of her life, the most significant role she plays is being a mommy.

The 28-year-old actress recently spoke with Parents magazine about motherhood and what's like to raise two small children.

Fox has two little boys - Noah Shannon Green, 21 months and Bodhi Ransom Green, 4 1/2 months -  with her husband, actor Brian Austin Green. Although she's absolutely in love with her family and the domesticated lifestyle, she admitted that it can be quite challenging at times.

"It's really hard to manage because I also don't let them watch TV. It's not like I'm going to sit Noah in front of the television so I can take care of Bodhi," Fox explains.

She went on to explain how difficult it can be to balance her time between the two boys, so her oldest son Noah doesn't feel left out. The Transformers actress also expressed that she sometimes feels "guilty" because it seems like she doesn't give each child an adequate amount of attention.

"I have to figure out how to incorporate Noah into the process and have him help me take care of Bodhi and make sure he doesn't get jealous and make sure nobody's neglected and everybody's needs are being met. As a mom it's hard because I don't feel like I'm ever giving either one of them 100 percent of my attention or 100 percent of myself, so I carry a lot of guilt," she said.

"Do they each understand how special they are and how much I love them? And are they understanding that they're unique? It's hard to make each one feel like an individual when you have to raise them together and manage them together all of the time. So that's the most difficult part."

Fans can catch Megan Fox on the big screen later this summer. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is scheduled to hit theaters nationwide on August 8, 2014.

Image via Megan Fox, Facebook