Mega Millions Jackpot Skyrockets to $636M, the Odds are Slim

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Tonight is the night of one of the largest drawings in U.S. lottery history.  The Mega Millions Jackpot is now more than half a million, with 75 million tickets already sold.

The chances of a winner have been said to now be even slimmer and recently there hasn’t been any winners yet, especially since Mega Millions lottery officials have changed the rules.

Ticket sales have also increased and will continue to increase this evening.

According to a CBS News report “ Odds of winning the jackpot used to be 1 in 176 million. This past October, those odds changed to 1 in 259 million. Players used to have to pick six numbers from 1 to 56, but now it's 1 to 75. “


Tuesday’s drawing will be the fourth largest compared to its predecessors like the $656M Mega Millions in March 2012.

Yesterday, the cash prize was a at $586 million.

Executive director of the Virginia Lottery and lead director for Mega Millions, Paula Otto, predicts the jackpot could very well break the $656M record and reach $1 billion by Christmas.

Due to late lottery purchases, Otto believes that her team would have to reassess the sales before tonight’s drawing and this will guarantee a growth in numbers.

"Lotto players are procrastinators. They tend to buy on the day of the draw," she said.

Although it seems as though  the chance of winning isn’t on everyone’s side, some lottery players still see some hope in playing.

“I’m playing!” said Facebook user Artist Daniel. “I normally never play but when that much money is out there, why not take a chance?”

So, what would do with your money if you won? Hopefully something rewarding.

 Image via Youtube, FOX10 News-WALA

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