McKayla Maroney Is Somewhat Impressed By Her Meme

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Team USA gymnast McKayla Maroney has been a pretty good sport about becoming the internet's most-prevalent meme. In London, the vault expert was caught on camera with a rather prickly expression on her face shortly after being awarded the silver medal in the women's vault final. Subsequently, her "meh" face blew up on the interwebs, as photoshoppers decided to place her unimpressed look in various pop culture situations.

Shopped photos began appearing on reddit, and eventually "MehKayla" found herself the subject of her own Tumblr blog called McKayla is not impressed.

Ever since, she's played nice - discussing her memedom with the media and tweeting about it. I mean, a small part of her has to be annoyed that this is why she's an internet star. After all, she did win a gold medal...

But it's funny. And even if the internet continues to beat it like the dead horse that we know it can be, it'll still be remembered as funny - at least for a brief time.

Now, it looks like McKayla has found her favorite version of the McKayla not impressed meme:

The Instagram photo shows the unimpressed gymnast in the middle of a famous Charlie Brown scene (seen above).

It even looks like her parents are getting in on the fun:


"It is pretty funny," she recently told David Letterman.

Being a meme is both an honor and a chore, but most people take it pretty well. Famous meme subjects like Bad luck Brian and Scumbag Steve have participated in reddit AMAs. Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson (watch out, we got a badass over here) once said that being a meme was "initially really weird and creepy."

"..And then I said well, this in total is a celebration so I should not object."

A celebration, indeed.

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