Maya Angelou Talks About Her Childhood on Mother's Day


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It can be hard to accurately express feelings on Mother's Day, and who better to take up the task than a poet?

Maya Angelou has just released her seventh autobiography, titled Mom & Me & Mom. The book chronicles the author's memories of her mother and grandmother, who each helped to raise her at different points in her childhood.

Angelou appeared this Sunday (Mother's Day) on Face the Nation to speak about her mother, saying, "She and my father fell in love, or maybe in lust with each other. They were both really beautiful human beings and it was after World War I and my father was pompous and pretentious and had learned some French in France. And my mother was very beautiful and he was very handsome, and they fell in something together."

Angelou's recollections, which can be heard in the video below, go on to become darker before she turns to the story of how she got her first job:

(Image courtesy Adria Richards/Wikimedia Commons)