May Snow: 18 Inches Dropped On Upper Midwest

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May isn't generally known for snow storms, even up north, so when 18 inches of the cold white stuff drops on several states, it's headline-worthy.

People in Wisconsin and Minnesota may be rethinking their choice of state this week while battling over a foot of heavy snow. The temperatures dropped below freezing, causing downed power lines and trees and making travel difficult, if not impossible. At least one death has been reported; Wisconsin State Patrol said one man was killed and another injured when a semi truck rolled over on Interstate 94 and was struck by another truck. More than 29,000 people across both states were without power for hours, though many of those homes have had power restored.

Because it's such a heavy, wet snow, several homeowners and businesses have had to deal with a caved-in roof. Luckily, temperatures are expected to return to normal by Monday.

Though the areas have likely seen snow in May before, this week is sure to set records as far as the amount goes. Minnesota's record for daily snowfall in May is 12 inches.

Amanda Crum
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