Matt Schaub Struggles In Loss, Sets Pick Six Record


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Matt Schaub, the quarterback for the Houston Texans, has been struggling as of lately. After their latest game against the 49ers, he set the NFL record for interceptions after throwing a pick six in four straight games. The Texans were one of the top teams in the league last year and while they still have all of their same all-star players including Arian Foster and Andre Johnson, the team has a lackluster record of only 2-3.

Schaub has had a successful run with the Texans and lead the team to the playoffs in 2011 and 2012. However, this season has proved to be much different, and many of the fans are blaming Schaub's performance for the team's awful record. The season started out good enough, with Schaub leading the Texans to a comeback victory in week 1 against the Chargers, but things have certainly gone downhill from there.

Schaub's first pass of the night against the 49ers was picked off on Sunday night. The Chicago Tribune mentions that the pass was picked off by Tramaine Brock and returned for a touchdown, making Schaub the first NFL quarterback to throw a pick six in four consecutive games. As if that embarrassing statistic is not enough, it was only his 1st of 3 interceptions of the night and he had 0 touchdowns. The whole team struggled in a terrible loss, that ended 34-3.

Schaub was eventually replaced by the backup, T.J. Yates, late in the game. After his awful performance, it is no wonder that he was benched by the end of the game, but head coach Gary Kubiak says that Schaub will remain as the starter. He said "This has to be rock bottom," assuring fans that he has to improve and knows that they will be able to salvage the season. For now, he still beileves that Schaub is the best option, but how long will that view last? The Texans face off against the Rams next week, which should be a bit of an easier match-up, and give Schaub a chance to shine again.

Houston is now on their first 3 game skid since the end of 2011, a team that had high hopes of making the Super Bowl. T.J Yates has proved that he could play, after replacing Schaub after an injury in 2011, and the Texans may be forced to turn to him if Schaub's play continues to struggle. Some frustrated fans even burned Schaub's jersey after their loss to the Seahawks.

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