Mass Effect Anime 9-Minute Sneak Peak Released


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Last month a trailer for Mass Effect: Paragon Lost was released. The movie is an animated tale set in the Mass Effect universe. It follows the story of James Vega, who leads an Alliance special forces squad against the Collectors. It's set between the events of Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, so it takes place before the full-scale Reaper invasion.

Today, a much longer 9-minute preview for the movie was released for the movie. It shows Vega and his men going up against a squad of Krogans. While the Krogans are tough, it should come as no surprise that some biotics and a bit of strategy throws their formation into disarray.

The movie was created as a collaboration between Bioware and Production I.G., the Japanese anime studio famous for TV and movies such as Patlabor, Blood+, The End of Evangelion, and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.

Paragon Lost will be released on December 28, so it might be something to look for when shopping with store credit from gift returns. From the preview below it seems the movie is pretty cheesy, but fans of the Mass Effect universe are sure to want more from the setting, especially when considering the debacle over Mass Effect 3's ending.