Mary Tyler Moore Might Have Emmy Record Broken By "Seinfeld" Actress

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Mary Tyler Moore is one of Hollywood's biggest Emmy winners, but on Sunday night she got some good company when Allison Janney and Julia Louis-Dreyfus earned some more of their own statues.

Janney gave a shoutout to Mary Tyler Moore and Ed Asner--who starred on the popular sitcom alongside Moore--and said the show had influenced her so much when she was younger.

"I'm calling this one Ed. This Emmy is Ed, Ed Asner. Never in a million trillion years did I ever think I would be on a list with them. I grew up watching the Mary Tyler Moore Show. It was one of my favorite shows of all time...This is going to sink in later, and I'm going to have to cry hysterically and just be so grateful," Janney said.

Janney and Julia Louis-Dreyfus have both earned several awards for the title of Lead Actress, and Louis-Dreyfus is now actually tied with Mary Tyler Moore with six statues. When she found out from Entertainment Tonight's Nancy O'Dell, the former Seinfeld actress called it "mind-blowing".

"You realize now you have tied Candice Bergen and Mary Tyler Moore for the most wins in the lead actress category?" O’Dell asked.

"Oh I had no idea. That's cool. Did you say Mary Tyler Moore? Okay, that's sort of, completely mindblowing. Cool," Julia said.

Allison Janney said she had the honor of working with Ed Asner but has never had the chance to meet Mary Tyler Moore, something she hopes will be remedied.

"Ed did an episode of Mom, so I got to work with him and he was so lovely and wonderful. I never even met Mary Tyler Moore. I never met her. I would love to work with her and just meet her because they are heroes of mine. They influenced me enormously."

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