Marvel Characters Are Coming To Disney Infinity


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Last year, Disney went head to head with Skylanders with Disney Infinity. Like Skylanders, the game requires players to buy physical toys that can then be scanned into the game to complete challenges. So far, the game has only featured characters from Disney's stable of in-house characters, but it appears the game will soon be getting characters from properties that Disney owns.

In a new trailer for Disney Infinity, Captain America's shield all but confirms that Marvel characters will be coming to the game this year. It doesn't hurt that the trailer was also shared by the official Marvel Entertainment YouTube page. While no solid details were offered, it does appear that characters from the Marvel cinematic universe will be joining the game. In other words, you can assume The Avengers will be in the game. As for other Marvel characters, like Spider-Man, it's a bit more murky. Disney owns the character, but the film rights belong to Sony and the game rights to Activision. It's unknown if that will have any effect on getting Spider-Man into the game.

Besides the inclusion of Marvel characters, the trailer also makes reference to a 2.0 version of Disney Infinity. We don't know if this means Disney is working on a sequel or just an update that includes Marvel characters. My money is on the latter as Disney may want to focus on just making new content for the first game instead of releasing a new game every year. The 2.0 status could also refer to Disney Infinity coming out on the PS4 and Xbox One. We won't know until Disney says more about it though.

As for other Disney properties, like Star Wars, it's safe to assume that they'll be showing up in Disney Infinity sooner or later as well. With Star Wars Episode VII now in production, Disney will want to hype the movie all they can with video games, toys and more. With Disney Infinity, they have the perfect opportunity to appeal to fans young and old with a video game and toys in a perfect marriage that Star Wars should have been involved in ages ago.

Unfortunately, the above teaser doesn't give us a release date for the Marvel characters or the version 2.0 of Disney Infinity. I'd wager we'll see it sometime during Summer though.

Image via Marvel Entertainment/YouTube