Marvel And Reebok Do A Team Up On Some Shoes

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So sometimes even china gets a scoop. This time they were the first ones to find out about some new shoes being designed by a team to feature some of Marvel's favorite super heroes and anti-heroes.

The website was actually in Chinese so I had Google translate it and this is what it came up with when they were talking about the Captain America shoe:

"Captain America, the theme of sports shoes to the Reebok Ventilator shoes for the prototype, combined with the Captain America uniform and shield color and pattern elements, from shoes to experience the spirit of Captain America's sense of justice gas."

Here is the original text:

??????????Reebok Ventilator???????????????????????????????????????????

Justice Gas you say? this propaganda or is this google translate getting things wrong? Or maybe Captain America and dairy products don't get along? Unfortunately we will never know.

The other part of the site that is interesting is that they call Wolverine "Werewolf" in China.....kinda weird.

Here are some of the cooler designs for you to check out. There are others on the Chinese website. Captain America's design is the lead at the top of the page!:








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