Marli Hamblin, Utah Teen, Dies in Tragic Accident

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Every now and again a news story comes along which reminds us of the fragile nature of life. This happens to be one of those moments.

Marli Hamblin, age 15, was listening to her iPod and sunbathing in her driveway this past Friday, theoretically getting the most out of her final days of summer before the beginning of the next school year. Her moment of sun-soaked bliss would not last long, though, as disaster would quickly strike.

"Her sister told me that she had a date. She was going fishing," stated Tyler Hamblin, Marli's uncle.

Perhaps it was due to the distraction of a date, or even perhaps the lack of a line-of-sight, which would lead to the accident. Whatever the cause, no one was to blame.

As Marli's sister was leaving the house for her date, she climbed into the family's Chevy truck and backed down the driveway. Unbeknownst to her, Marli was still sunbathing.

"The driver wasn't paying attention, obviously didn't think there would be anyone in the driveway, and just backed out," stated Erin Behm, a police spokeswoman.

Marli was quickly airlifted to Ogden Regional Medical Center after having her head run over by the truck. The family asked for thoughts and prayers while doctors attempted to save Marli's life. Unfortunately, Marli passed away on Sunday.

"They determined there was no brain activity. There was no chance of recovering, so the decision was made to let her pass and return to her Heavenly Father," explained cousin and LDS bishop Lance Hamblin.

Known for her ever-present optimism and contagious love for life, Marli's mother, Lisa, believes that Marli's legacy will continue to live on despite her loss: “She is a miracle to others because we’ve decided that, that is what she would want, is to be a donor and so she’s helping others to be able to live on with their families even though she’s not with us."

To help pay for their medical pills, friends set-up a donation page at Thus far, the family has raised nearly $10,000 of the needed $50,000.

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