Mark Zuckerberg Ordered To Court In Iran


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Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been ordered to appear in court in Iran to respond to complaints from Facebook users living in Iran.

According to a judge, several Facebook users have complained that many Facebook apps including Instagram and Whatsapp violate their privacy. The judge also ordered that two Facebook apps be blocked.

There is no extradition treaty between Iran and the United States and it is not likely that Zuckerberg will willingly go to Iran for the court case. Iranian courts have tried to block similar applications but have not been successful.

Earlier this week a different Iranian court attempted to block Instagram but many Iranian users were still able to access the app.

Iran is not fond of social networks and has blocked most up them including Facebook and Twitter. However, senior leaders like Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif use social networks often. Many Iranian people also use proxy servers to access their favorite social networks and other websites that have been blocked in Iran.

Some government officials believe that Iran should offer alternatives for these social networks if they plan to block them. They feel that Iranians should have the right to use social networks if they please and that even though the government may not agree with the way American social networks are setup and operated, they could work to create new ones that meet the Iranian government's standards.

"We should see the cyber world as an opportunity," The administration of moderate President Hassan Rouhani said. "Why are we so shaky? Why don't we trust our youth?"

The Iranian government has not said if they plan to create their own social networks and will continue to block those that they do not find acceptable.

Do you think Mark Zuckerberg will show up in Iran to defend himself, Facebook and all social networks?

Image via Wikimedia Commons