Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni Enjoy Olivia Benson, Elliot Stabler Reunion

Kimberly Ripley

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Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni--longtime former cast mates on Law & Order: SVU recently enjoyed a short but sweet Olivia Benson-Elliot Stabler reunion of sorts. The two met up in New York City for some catching up.

Christopher Meloni shared word of their get together via social media, sharing a picture of himself--heavily bearded--alongside Mariska Hargitay.

Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni spent 12 seasons together as Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler on Law & Order: SVU. Meloni left between seasons 12 and 13 when contract talks went south. Mariska Hargitay is now in her 17th season as Olivia Benson, with an 18th season set in stone.

What's your take on Christopher Meloni's beard? The actor told E! News he grew it for his role on WGN America's Underground.

Fans who loved Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay together will love learning that executive producer Warren Leight was thinking of asking Christopher Meloni to return to SVU for a guest spot.

"We had been talking [about], had this been the last episode, we would have tried him to bring him back," Leight said during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. "In hindsight, NBC, Dick [Wolf], Universal and Chris all know they could have handled that better," Leight said. "But I think Chris, over time from what I hear, began to realize that the fans were owed a little more."

Even though Law & Order: SVU is coming back for an 18th season, Warren Leight isn't. He has been replaced by Rick Eid.

Do you expect this means there's no hope for Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni to reunite on screen?

Wouldn't you love to see an Olivia Benson-Elliot Stabler reunion on Law & Order: SVU?

Kimberly Ripley
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