Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon Have Been Living Apart

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Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon have been very public about sharing their love for one another since they married in 2008, renewing their vows every year and posting photos on social media sites of themselves with their two children. But this year, the photo posts were few and far between, there was no vow renewal, and Cannon confirmed on Thursday that the couple have been living separately for several weeks.

"We have been living in separate houses for a few months. (Right now) my main focus is my kids," Cannon said.

Carey hasn't commented publicly on the split, but according to various gossip sites, a divorce is just around the corner and the couple have already gotten lawyers involved to begin the process of dividing assets and figuring out a custody arrangement for the children.

Rumor has it that the trouble began when Cannon did an interview in which he discussed losing his virginity and hooking up with Kim Kardashian. (NSFW)

According to sources, the split is not a sudden thing.

"They have been living apart for a while. This is not all of a sudden. There have been issues between them for a while. They are not getting along. She wants to end it and it has been in the works for months, which is why her house in the Bahamas and the house in Bel Air are on the market," a source told E! News.

Amanda Crum
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