Maria Menounos Grabs First Perfect Score Of The Season

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"Dancing With The Stars" has seen it's fair share of tears and drama this season, considering all the injuries the contestants have endured. Maria Menounos hasn't been immune to the pressure that bears down on the dancers late in the season, either, and gave a tearful interview on last night's episode.

"Other people, I think, he's had as partners were dancers...I'm not. Now I feel like I have to work even harder because the competition is so strong," she said of her partner, Derek Hough.

And work harder she did. Menounos donned fake vampire fangs and a gorgeous sparkling red backless gown for the paso doble done to Prokofiev's "Montagues and Capulets", a dark and dramatic song heavy on the string instruments.

The dance was fraught with tension, as any good paso doble should be, and the team's moves were executed flawlessly. The dance earned them the first perfect score of the season and endless praise from the judges, who were blown away.

"Sharp as a razor, crisp as a Pringle, and more tension that my grandmother's knicker elastic," said judge Len Goodman.

Menounos now challenges Katherine Jenkins for the top spot.

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