Manchester United F.C. Haven't Got A Prayer

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It was a fantastic Champions League win, one that Manchester United FC needed off of the back of an embarrassing home defeat to league rivals Liverpool FC.

It may even be the psychological boost they need ahead of hosting Manchester City.

However, anyone dreaming that the victory over Olympiakos some how signals that United is going all the way need not get carried away.

I won't say "just yet", because in a final eight that includes the likes of Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Barcelona, and Chelsea among others...that would be cruel.

Given the way most EPL sides struggled at this stage of the Champions League, it's a miracle that both Chelsea (who drew in the first leg) and Manchester United (who bounced back from a two goal deficit) have made it into the quarter finals.

For those that enjoy British football, it is a point of pride that there are sides that have advanced at all. Perhaps Chelsea's going on to the next round is less surprising. They did manage to stun the world when they won the Champions League trophy in 2012. The London team has become even stronger since then and the return of manager Jose Mourihno is a big part of that.

If I were to bet on which one of the two sides stood the best chance, I'd go with the current league leaders, Chelsea FC.

Despite the fact that Manchester United are the Premier League's defending champions, they have not been anywhere near as consistent or lethal this season, domestically or in European competitions.

The fact that the Red Devils struggled against unarguably one of the weakest sides still in the Champion's League until today does not bode well going forward.

Manager David Moyes, who many fans were ready to skin-alive over the weekend, is now treated by some as a conquering hero. It's important to remember he is the same man today that he was over the weekend and at every other stage of Manchester United's abysmal season.

He is a man who is increasingly looking to be out of his depth.

Yet once again, we're to believe Moyes has helped Manchester United "turn a corner" and the embattled team will somehow seize glory at the last possible minute. Exactly how many corners has Moyes helped Manchester United turn this season?

It's an important question because when you turn enough corners, it's called "walking in circles".

Indeed, when rival fans are thrilled that you have progressed to the next stage because they hope it means your manager keeps his job, it's a sign United may need to think carefully about where they're really headed with Moyes at the helm.

I'll give you a hint, Manchester United fans: It's not to the Champion's League final.

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