Manchester United F.C Falls To Manchester City F.C.

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Some people are surprised that Manchester United FC lost in spectacularly abysmal fashion to local rivals Manchester City FC 0-3.

Whoever those people are...I imagine they're just now joining us at this stage of the Barclay's Premier League season.

For those of us who have been watching all season long, this latest defeat is pretty typical of the Red Devils under David Moyes.

Manchester United found themselves down within a minute, following a successful early effort by Edin Dezko.

From that moment on, it was almost as if United's players resigned themselves to defeat. They were absolutely toothless offensively.

Though the final goal of the night came by way of Yaya Toure in the last minute of regular time, the game was truly over long before then.

And where were fans and players to look for direction, for inspiration, and any kind of hope? Certainly not to Moyes, who continues to reveal himself to be absolutely out of his depth.

When a team is without direction or hope, defeat is inevitable.

Manchester City is a team on a mission to win the premier league. To do so they will have to get past Chelsea FC and Liverpool FC. However, at least it's clear they are a team with a direction and something to fight for.

As for Manchester United there are seven games left for them to play and it's safe to say there are no corners left to turn at this stage.

As for making it into the quarterfinals of the Champions League, the outlook is particularly grim.

They face a team that just won their league in record time.

The dominant Bayern Munich are headed by none other than Pep Guardiola, a man more than familiar with being at the helm of a dominant and winning team.

I think that anyone hoping Manchester United will find the will to do to Bayern Munich what they could not do to Manchester City FC or Liverpool FC is being optimistic to the point of naive.

Manchester United's football at present is without passion and can be painful to watch at times. The only way forward for the former champions is a serious adjustment in the off season.

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