Man Turns Himself in After Facebook Promise to Police

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In Canadian news, a Canadian man has gone full Canada and turned himself in to police after assuring them he would on Facebook.

CTV News says that Rodney Constantine was wanted on four warrants, including failing to appear in court and breaching court orders. The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary, who operates rather prolific social media accounts, took to both Facebook and Twitter solicit help in nabbing Constantine.

"Everybody is innocent until proven guilty in court; however police base charges on reasonable probable grounds. In other words, 'was it reasonable and probably that an offense occurred?' We commend Mr.s Constantine for acknowledging these charges and hopefully he will contact us to have the matter dealt with properly in court," wrote police on Facebook.

Soon after, Constantine replied to their post, saying "See you Monday morn!!!"

"Look just letting everyone know this ain't a joke or intended !!!! I was just been honest about turning in Monday morn that's all !!!!" he said.

Sure enough, come Monday morning, Constantine showed up to turn himself in.

The police took to Facebook to announce his arrest.

Gotta love Canada. In the U.S, when police post wanted criminals on Facebook, they usually just taunt police until they're eventually apprehended. They're always apprehended.

Image via Facebook screenshot, CTV

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