Man Taunts Police on Facebook, Says 'Catch Me If U Can,' Promptly Arrested

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It takes a special kind of idiot criminal to talk about their crimes on Facebook. We've seen plenty of that since the advent and expansion of Facebook. It takes a whole other kind of idiot to taunt police on Facebook when you're a wanted fugitive. And I'm not sure what it makes you when you taunt police on their actual Facebook page.

Whatever it is, Sam Greenwood is it.

According to the Greater Manchester Police Rochdale North, Greenwood is back in custody after posting a taunt on their Facebook page.

Greenwood was reportedly wanted after he breached the terms of his release from jail. GMP Rochdale North tapped the Facebook community to help in their search, posting a photo and status about Greenwood. A day later, Greenwood posted to the GMP Rochdale's status.

"Catch me if u can," he commented.

They can, and they did. Within 12 hours, Greenwood was back in jail. Imagine that? Our mastermind couldn't elude the police. Shocking.

"Caught you. Do not pass Go, do not collect £200, go straight to jail," posted GMP Rochdale North after his capture.

“Unfortunately this man was always going to be a hostage to fortune once he decided to goad us on Facebook. I tried my best to coax him into handing himself in, but he seemed determined to remain at large. Thankfully, we managed to track him down in no time at all and he is now back where he belongs for the time being – behind bars," said Inspector Umer Khan.

I'd like to say that this is the only time we've seen a criminal taunt police on Facebook - but I can't. Back in 2011, we told you about a New York man who posted the status "catch me if you can, I'm in Brooklyn." NYPD found him shortly thereafter, sitting at his computer, with Facebook open in his browser. Idiocy knows no geographical bounds, my friends.

[GMP Rochdale North via CNET]
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