Man Skydives Without a Parachute

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You've probably seen videos of people skydiving or base jumping using a wingsuit. This allows extreme sports enthusiasts to gain some lift while in free fall, allowing them to fly past obstacles at terminal velocity. It's amazing to watch.

Typically these free-fallers deploy a parachute at the end of their flight. While the wingsuit slows one's rate of free fall, it doesn't come close to a speed that makes it safe to land.

A stuntman in Britain by the name of Gary Connery decided to test that theory, by landing on a stack of boxes without deploying a chute.

The 42-year-old leapt from a helicopter 2,400 feet in the air. The landing platform was constructed of cardboard boxes, stacked 12 feet high, 40 feet wide and 350 feet across. It took 100 volunteers six hours to construct.

Landing on all those boxes at that speed looked painful, but as Connery explained to Sky News, it was the soft landing he hoped for: "It was so comfortable, so soft. My calculations obviously worked out and I'm glad they did."

Connery, who has done stunt work for films like Batman Begins and The Beach, is already planning his next big stunt, which he promises will "be as crazy as this".

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