Surprise, You're a Gun Owner Now; Man Orders TV from Amazon, Gets Assault Rifle

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Now how am I supposed to watch the Olympics?

After ordering a new flat-screen TV from Amazon, a Washington D.C. man got quite the shock when his package arrived without a flatscreen TV inside.

But it wasn't empty. Instead, his shipment contained a semi-automatic rifle with a 20-round mag and an MSRP price of a little over $2,000.

The gun was a Sig Sauer SIG716, to be exact. But honestly, it doesn't really matter which assault rifle shows up to your front door instead of your new television. I'd say it's pretty strange either way.

The surprised new gun owner, Seth Horvitz, tells FOX 5 D.C. that he ordered the TV through a third party via Amazon.

"[Police] were a little confused at first, they've never seen anything quite like it," says Horvitz. "They just took my information and then said we'll handle this weapon because it's illegal to keep here. It's illegal to transport in a car, so it can't be returned."

Here's the gun in question (fully assembled):

sig 716 carbine rifle

Apparently, the gun's actual destination was a gun store in Pennsylvania, according to shipping papers. But just how did it wind up at Mr. Horvitz's apartment doorstep? Police are currently investigating.

Although Horvitz had to know something was amiss when he saw a short, rectangular box that couldn't possibly fit a flatscreen TV, opening it up and seeing an assault rifle must have been quite the experience. It's kind of scary that the weapon was just sitting in his apartment hallway for a while - someone could have themselves a brand new large caliber carbine right now.

Strangely enough, this isn't the first strange shipping story involving Amazon we've heard this year. Back in January, a college student in Kansas found a bag of cocaine inside a used book she ordered via Amazon's Warehouse Deals program.

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