Man And Mattress Save Baby Falling From Third-Floor Window

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It pays to be at the right place at the right time. Couple Konrad and Jennifer Lightner—and their box spring mattress—were certainly at the right place and time to save a child who had fallen from a third-story window.

On Sunday, the Lightners were moving out of their Burbank apartment in California. As they went back in to get their box spring mattress and other stuff, they noticed two children throwing toys out a window three levels up. On their way out, they saw one of the children, a boy, throw his leg over the window sill and climb out.

The couple immediately called 911. Jennifer said that it didn’t seem real until they saw the boy holding on to what looked like a cable line. They then threw the mattress down as the child lost his grip on the cable. Konrad immediately caught the boy in his arms and lowered him carefully onto the waiting mattress.

The boy’s parents were unaware of the incident, and rushed to the scene. Photos show the emergency team checking the boy as he was clutched by his father.

Konrad admitted he felt like he was watching a television show, and it didn’t feel like it actually happened to him. For Jennifer, it was very surreal. They resumed removing their things from the apartment, but every now and then they would look at each other in disbelief.

Fate must have led them to save the boy. Earlier, the Lightners got stuck in an elevator for 30 minutes. If they hadn’t, they would have had an earlier start hauling their stuff out, and wouldn’t have been there at the right moment to catch the child.

“We were lucky to be there,” Konrad said.

The toddler, dressed in footsie pajamas, was taken to the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles for evaluation. He had no signs of trauma and did not suffer any major injuries.

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