Malia Obama: Who Taught Her How to Drive?

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Malia Obama didn't go to a nearby Washington, D.C. driving school when she became old enough to drive. Instead, people from the Secret Service taught President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama's older daughter to drive.

Michelle Obama shared that little tidbit of information when she taped an interview with Rachael Ray for The Rachael Ray Show. The episode aired on Thursday.

"The Secret Service [taught her], actually, because they wouldn't let me in the car with her," Michelle Obama said.

On Monday, the first lady visited with Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan on Live! With Kelly and Michael and shared that Malia recently asked her a question about parking in a public lot.

"I barely know now too so I have to check with other sources," she said.

Surprisingly, Malia Obama goes out driving on her own.

"She always has security around. But in order for her to learn how to drive, she had to drive on her own. So once she was legally permitted to drive on her own, she gets in her car," Michelle Obama said.

The president and first lady allow Malia Obama to go out driving as part of their effort to allow their daughters as much normalcy in their growing up years as possible. It must be frightening, however.

"Driving for Malia, I think, gives her a sense of normalcy, like the rest of her friends are doing. And my kids have got to learn how to live in the world like normal kids," the first lady said.

Surely Malia Obama is never far from the eyes of the Secret Service. If they taught her how to drive, they're probably following along fairly close behind while she heads out on her own.

Do you think it's nearly as frightening for Malia Obama to go out driving solo as it is for her parents to allow her to do so?

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