Malaysia Airlines Flight: China Shares Debris Photo

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Yet another satellite image has been released that identifies possible debris from Flight 370. This time the nation of China has come forward with a satellite photo taken on Tuesday at around noon.

The significance of this image is that it places the missing Malaysia Airlines flight in the same area of the remote Indian Ocean as the Australian satellite image which was released earlier in the week.

Also significant is that the alleged debris in the Chinese satellite image appears to be the same size as what was seen in the Australian image.

The major difference is that the image of what could be the remains of the Boeing 777 is shown to be drifting away from the current search area. It's not surprising as currents can carry items away from where they are first spotted at sea quite some distance. Even more startling, in a matter of days, the items can float a distance of some miles.

This latest development comes on the heels of the latest international joint search efforts, which have turned up nothing.

The failed effort marked the third straight day of searching the 1500 miles of ocean that authorities feel may contain debris from crash.

Authorities have already declared that they expect the search for Flight 370 and its 239 passengers to continue for some time, if not indefinitely.

The images coming in by satellite are the best leads available in a situation that feels more and more like a wild goose change with each passing day.

It has been two weeks since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 last sent a signal. There has been speculation of its fate that ranged from crashing in the Gulf of Thailand to being hijacked and rerouted to a hostile location.

There have been false eye-witness reports and family members continue to grow increasingly restless and distrustful of the Malaysia Airlines company and Malaysia government information.

This latest lead does seem to confirm that something is floating in the waters of the southern Indian Ocean.

It is not certain whether or not what China has shared will prove to be the missing piece of the puzzle.

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