Maksim Chmerkovskiy Now Dating Kate Upton


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It seems to be that the past few weeks have been a time for Dancing With The Stars pro-dancers to publicly announce their love for significant others. Recently, it became news when Derek Hough (another pro-dancer from the reality show) and Nina Dobrev publicly displayed their relationship. Now, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, the "bad boy of the ballroom" on Dancing With The Stars and model Kate Upton are "officially" dating, according to E! News.

Maksim's new partner, Kate Upton, is a well-known actress and model, chiefly known for her involvement with Sports Illustrated Magazine (Source: Upton has been known to be a cover model for the magazine on occasion as well. The Sports Illustrated Magazine model has also been involved within the movie industry, starring in Tower Heist (2011) and The Three Stooges(2012) (Source: IMDb).

Earlier this year, an unnamed Us Magazine source stated that the couple was dating; however, it was later confirmed by E! News that the source may have been wrong. Now, E! News confirms that Chmerkovskiy and Upton are now dating, following pictures that were recently published of the couple holding hands in public, as seen on the Pacific Coast Online's website.

According to People Magazine, the romance between the couple started to blossom back in June, when Chmerkovskiy took Upton to her 21st birthday party at Scalinatella in New York.

Various users of the Twitterverse are reacting to this celebrity hookup.

[Image source: YouTube (PopSugarTV)]