Magic Johnson's Son Spotted With Boyfriend in LA


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With politicians everywhere coming to grips with gay marriage and even Bill O'Reilly admitting that that gay marriage supporters have a "compelling argument," there really has never been an easier time to come out of the closet in the U.S.

This week, Magic Johnson's son, Earvin Johnson III, was tacitly outed to the American public by the L.A. paparazzi. TMZ is reporting that the 20-year-old was spotted in L.A. with a man the publication states is his boyfriend. Johnson is reportedly a student at NYU.

The Paparazzo who accosted Johnson questioned him on the Lakers, the Dodgers, and Dodger Stadium's plumbing situation.

TMZ quotes Magic Johnson as saying he and his wife are "very proud" of his son and that they "love EJ and support him in every way."