Madeleine McCann Investigators Contact Australian Authorities After Body of Child Found in Suitcase

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Madeleine McCann disappeared from Portugal back in 2007 while her family was vacationing in Praia da Luz. No one has ever been charged with her disappearance.

Earlier this month, Australian authorities discovered an abandoned suitcase. Inside the case was the body of a young, fair-haired girl, between two and a half and four years old. Madeleine McCann was three when she was abducted.

A spokesman for London's Metropolitan Police told NBC News that officers have contacted Australian authorities about the little girl's body.

"We are aware of reports of the remains of a child having been found in South Australia and we have made contact with the Australian authorities," a spokesman said.

No further details have been provided.

South Australia Police Detective Superintendent Des Bray said in an earlier statement, however, that it was highly unlikely "that the victim is Madeleine McCann."

What kind of sick person dumps the remains of a child in a suitcase?

In Massachusetts last month, the remains of another little girl were discovered on a Boston Harbor peninsula in a trash bag. Authorities speculate she was placed there and didn't wash up onto the shore. Now referred to as 'Baby Doe,' this little girl is estimated to have been about four years old.

Surely the parents of Madeleine McCann and those who have investigated her disappearance for more than eight years now jump at every possible lead that might tell them what happened to that beautiful child.

In Boston, authorities believe 'Baby Doe' may have been killed by a family member, and that if there are additional children in the family, they may be in danger, too.

Why has no one come forward to identify either this little girl found in Australia or the child near Boston?

People like Madeleine McCann's parents won't rest until they learn what happened to their daughter. Where are the parents of these little girls?

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