Maci Bookout's Baby's Father May Want Her Back

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Aaaaaah, young love and all of its familiar traits: Holding hands down a high school hallway, saying "I love you" way too many times in a given day, and thinking the two of you will be together forever--most of us have experienced those things at least on some level.

So when folks watched the MTV reality show Teen Mom, and followed the teenage couple Maci Bookout and her boyfriend Ryan Edwards, most weren't surprised the two eventually broke up. Bookout and Edwards have a six year old son together named Bentley.

Recently, Edwards broke up with his girlfriend Shelby Woods, which seemed to make him a little nostalgic, as he sent out a tweet about Bookout.

"Damn it's hard to stop loving or caring about someone," he wrote. "First time [ a girl] broke my heart, first time for everything. If it's meant to be it will find it's way of working out."

Edwards since deleted the tweet, and it's difficult to determine whether he was talking about Bookout or his latest girlfriend Woods. However, it's clear that him and Bookout are still on good terms, because after his grandfather recently passed away, she attended the funeral and showed him a lot of support.

Plus, Bookout sent a tweet out to her followers asking them to be there for her child and her child's dad. "Y'all please keep Ryan and little Benny, and the family in your prayers," she wrote.

Back in 2011, Edwards sat down with Dr. Drew Pinsky and spoke about Bookout's then boyfriend Kyle King and said that he had no problem with their relationship. He was also okay with his son being around King, he said.

"He's there with Maci and he just seem like a good guy," stated Edwards. "I've never had any doubts or seen anything. He seems like a good guy and they've been together for awile, so I hope it works out for them. I really do."

But it didn't work out for them, which of course opens the door for Edwards and Bookout to get back together and it's safe to say that most fans of the show would love to see that.

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