Lynda Carter Will Not Make An Appearance In New 'Wonder Woman' Film

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Lynda Carter will not be a part of the much-anticipated Wonder Woman feature film.

Lynda Carter, 64, played the Amazon princess superhero in the late-1970s TV series and is considered by many to be the iconic Wonder Woman. Although fans petitioned to have the Carter return for the reboot, it turns out that she will not appear in the film.

Israeli actress Gal Gadot will play the DC comics character for this updated version of the adventures of Wonder Woman, along with Chris Pine, who plays the superhero’s love interest in the upcoming movie and who stirred things up when he teased that Carter might have a cameo in the film.

Carter, who lives with her husband, Washington lawyer Robert Altman, in Potomac, was not too keen on a cameo appearance in the film, her publicist told the Washington Post.

Although Lynda Carter will not be in the film, she "wishes it success," according to her publicist, Pete Sanders.

The actress/singer enjoys her low-key life, frequently appearing at charity and social events. Most recently, she appeared at the Kennedy Center Honors. She also enjoys doing voice-overs for video games.

Fans certainly had their hopes up that she might appear in Wonder Woman after she commented that she would love a small part in the film.

“If it really is something that is gratuitous I won’t do it; if it’s just for me to show up in it I wouldn’t do it. But if there is something written that they think would be appropriate then most definitely I’d consider it,” she said. “I would love it.”

Pam Wright