Luxury Brands Have Highest Google+ Brand Engagement

Google+ users apparently have some champagne tastes. A new survey from Simply Measured, a social media analytics firm, reveals that luxury brands like Ferrari, GUCCI, and Burberry rank the among highe...
Luxury Brands Have Highest Google+ Brand Engagement
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  • Google+ users apparently have some champagne tastes. A new survey from Simply Measured, a social media analytics firm, reveals that luxury brands like Ferrari, GUCCI, and Burberry rank the among highest among the Interbrand Top 100 brands on Google+ when it comes to consumer engagement.

    These types of surveys show that not every big brand is diving in head first to the Google+ pool as only 64% of the Interbrand 100 even have Google+ brand pages. Nike and Xerox, which are household names of brands if there ever were one, just launched their respective Google+ pages this past quarter. One of the reasons that more brands may begin to gravitate to Google+ is because, whether people like it or not, Google is trying to wrangle in as many people as possible, therefore increasing the size of the consumer pool that brands can have access to. For example, in the previous quarter, there was a 138% increase in circles across all pages, which Simply Measured says indicates that brands are becoming more active while consumers continue to get comfortable with the environs of Google+.

    For some reason, Google+ is the place to go if you’re in the automotive industry. By wide lengths, automotive bands blow away all other industries in a comparison of Google+ circle size. Ferrari alone is listed in 730,831 Google Circles (it’s actually gone up to 746,345 since this study was polished and sent out), which is more than what most other industries have combined.

    Ferrari has figured out some magic formula for social media engagement. The company’s presence on Google+ is indisputably dominant, and over on Facebook it’s not doing too shabby, either. In fact, the top five brands in terms of number of fans are all automobile brands (Ferrari ranks #2 among them). If that’s any indication, then every industry should figure out what strange psychological hook automotive companies have in our collective conscience and take notes because obviously it’s got a powerful tug to it.

    Simply Measured CEO Adam Schoenfeld expects that as Google+ continues to grow, more brands will adopt to the social network as a means to engage consumers. “Based on this most recent quarter, luxury and automotive brands are clearly finding Google+ to be an effective way to connect with consumers,” he said. “It will be interesting to watch the data unfold as we near the one-year anniversary of the platform.”

    <a href=Google+ Top Consumer Brands” src=”” title=”Google+ Top Consumer Brands” class=”aligncenter” width=”616″ height=”288″ />

    Top Industries on <a href=Google+” src=”” title=”Top Industries on Google+” class=”aligncenter” width=”100%” />

    Concerning the first table, you’ll see that Google ranks as the #10 brand when it comes to the Circle tally. That almost seems a little unfair because of course Google, with its legion of Google+ accounts, would be among the highest brands, never mind the fact that Google+ is a Google enterprise.

    I digress. However, speaking of Google’s appearance on that list, here’s a funny bit of trivia: even though Google has a bazillion Google+ accounts for its bazillion services, impossibly, H&M managed to out-post Google by quite a margin. In other words, H&M is on an all-out onslaught across Google+ to get their user engagement up, which appears to be a successful strategy given the company’s high ranking.

    Top <a href=Google+ Brands by Posts” src=”” title=”Top Google+ Brands by Posts” class=”aligncenter” width=”555″ height=”541″ />

    H&M: keeping you fashionable for less on Google+.

    Here’s the full chart of the brands included in Simply Measured’s survey.

    Google+ Top Brand Pages” class=”aligncenter” width=”100%” />

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