Luis Suarez Isn’t Worried About Not Scoring

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Luis Suarez had to set out for four months of the season after he bit Giorgio Chiellini during the 2014 World Cup.

He returned to the field in late October, but has been less than impressive when it comes to scoring goals.

Still. Suarez says that he is not upset or even worried about his failure to score in the last five games.

"I know I came to Barcelona to score goals but I'm not worried," Suarez told Catalunya Radio. "I feel important to the team beyond the goals. I hope to score goals but Barca have two phenomena (in Lionel Messi and Neymar), so there's no drama.”

"What is happening to me is that instead of acting on instinct, as I usually do, I hesitate and so I missed some good chances. I will try to regain that instinct," he explained.

Suarez did well playing with APOEL in the Champions League last week and was even able to make a goal. He didn’t have any luck against Valencia on Sunday.

Luis said that one thing he has learned from his time on the sidelines is that he needs to handle his aggression and competiveness better on the field before he hurts someone badly.

"After what happened to me, I now know that I could end up hurting myself," he said.

There's still time for Suarez to get it together and score some goals. It almost seems like he is scared to get too competitive because he doesn't want his aggressive side to come out.

Do you think Suarez will be able to get it together in time to score some goals before the season ends?

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