Lucie Arnaz Remembers Mom 'Lucy' During the Holidays

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Lucille Ball's comedic genius portrayed in the timeless classic I Love Lucy still garners an audience today. In honor of the holidays, a special colorized episode is being released on CBS. Christmas was a special time enjoyed by Lucille Ball in private as well. Ball's daughter, 62-year-old Lucie Arnaz, recently spoke about her childhood family memories surrounding the holiday season.

“It was the only time of the year when there wasn’t stress. There was a lot of stress because of how hard they worked, and their marriage wasn’t doing well. But Christmas was always a good time,” Arnaz said.

Arnaz went on to explain why her mother spent time decorating the Beverly Hills house in which the family resided. “My mother loved the East Coast so she tried to bring it to Beverly Hills. We always had a flocked white tree with blue lights. At night, it made it look like wintertime in the snow.”

Arnaz even spoke about how her father (Desi Arnaz) dressed in a Santa suit. “He bent over and kissed me and said `Merry Christmas!’ I thought, `Santa sounds just like daddy,’” Arnaz said before adding that her mother's response to the memory years later was not one of awe. “Yes, he did that. He got all liquored up and banged on the roof and got in his Santa suit with the presents and the whole thing. And then he had to open his mouth,” Lucille Ball had said.

Lucie Arnaz is a talented singer and actress in her own right, and starred in Here's Lucy with her mother. Arnaz recently shared news on her personal website about the release of her previous work. "I am proud to announce all six seasons of HERE’S LUCY (the series I co-starred in with my mother, Lucille Ball, and my brother, Desi Arnaz, Jr.), are now available on DVD courtesy of MPI. The wrap around commentaries on these are priceless."

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