Louis C.K.: Self-Sold Tour Tickets Make $4 Mil In 45 Hours

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Louis C.K., a comedian known for his tell-it-like-it-is style and unapologetic sense of humor, recently announced that he would be selling tickets for his upcoming tour on his own, through his website, without the help of Ticketmaster. And it looks like he made the right decision.

The New York based funnyman said that by Wednesday--about 45 hours after he made the announcement--he'd sold 100,000 tickets and made $4.5 million. Considering they're only available through louisck.net, and considering the tour doesn't even begin until October, that's a hell of a feat. Even more impressive? C.K. has managed to do all of this despite the fact that a lot of theaters won't let him perform in their venue if he refuses to go through Ticketmaster.

The new season of "Louie" starts tonight on FX. As for the man himself, he's enjoying his spoils.


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