Lotto Mistake: $14 Million Win Almost Didn't Happen

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A woman in California made the best mistake of her life last week when she accidentally put too much money into a lotto ticket machine.

Thuan Le, a single mom of four boys, meant to buy five dollars worth of lottery tickets at her local CVS Pharmacy--as she does every week--and accidentally put in six dollars. When she realized her mistake, she used the extra dollar to buy a SuperLotto Plus ticket. The next day, she was a millionaire several times over.

The winning ticket paid out $14 million. Le's family said she screamed when she realized she had the winning numbers and immediately drove to the lottery office to claim her prize. She says she plans to travel with some of the money.

Back in February, a story out of Arkansas went viral when one couple won big in their local lotto over the weekend, then picked up more tickets on a whim and ending up winning big again.

Lotto wins have been big in the news since last year, when Mega Millions began announcing astronomical payouts.

Amanda Crum
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