Los Angeles Earthquake: Effects & the Aftershocks


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The Associated Press reports a 5.1 earthquake struck Orange Country Friday followed by over 20 aftershocks in the 2-3.6 ranges this entire weekend.

This is the second earthquake in two weeks for Los Angeles-- a week ago, a 4.4 tremor hit downtown L.A. with no significant damage.

The most major damage sustained in this Friday's earthquake were broken water mains in some neighborhood areas.

Earthquakes under the 5.5 mark do not cause significant damage, and L.A.'s architecture and experience in the matter of the earth shaking under them has thankfully reduced the damages and causalities sustained by earthquakes.

Still, the streets were littered with broken glass, gas leaks were prevalent and one rockslide that overturned a BMW was reported. Store floors were filled with produce shaken off the shelves, and thousands of power outages were reported. The aftershocks keep on coming, but this is everyday stuff to a Los Angelan:

There are some affected a bit more adversely from this weekend's earthquake-- 30 homes and apartments required mandatory evacuation after the earthquake, and six households have still not been cleared for re-entry.

The earthquake happened near the Puente Hills thrust fault, a place susceptible to earthquakes. Although this is the second earthquake in two weeks, hopefully the one this weekend is of the last.

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