Longest Female Legs Help Woman Coach Basketball


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The woman with the world's longest pair of female legs lives in Virginia and now coaches a girl's high school basketball team.

According to the Guinness Book of Worlds, Russian-born Svetlana Pankratova has the longest female legs in the world, measuring 51.9 inches long. Now, Pankratova has landed a job perfectly suited to her genetics.

According to a report in the Falls Church News-Press, Pankratova, who lives in Northern Virginia, is now the coach for the George Mason High School girls basketball team in Falls Church, Virginia.

Pankratova has basketball experience herself. She recounted to the News-Press that she was a swimmer when she was younger, but was recruited into basketball by coaches who saw her legs. After high school, she was recruited by Virginia Commonwealth University, where she holds record for most blocked shots in a single season.

Pankratova's record-setting legs were verified as the world's longest in 2008, and she was featured for the first time in the Guinness Book of World Record's 2009 edition. The video below shows a stop on her 2009 media tour to promote the book, where she appeared with the world's shortest man at the time, He Pingping.