London Olympics Gets Its Own Dedicated Twitter Page

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Tonight, the 2012 Summer Olympics officially kicks off with the opening ceremony, and the social media buzz is already at a fever pitch. According to Twitter, more tweets are coming in about the London Games in a single day than did regarding the entire Beijing games in 2008. Of course, this probably isn't so much of an indicator of which games were the most popular or anticipated - but more of a commentary on the growth of Twitter in the past 4 years.

Anyway, Twitter wants to be the go to place for all of the up-to-date news and analysis about the 2012 Olympics. To the end, they've partnered with NBC to launch a dedicated Olympics event page, which you can access at

From the Twitter blog:

This page will highlight Tweets from athletes, coaches, teams, families, NBC personalities, fans, and many other Olympic insiders. When those nail-biting, riveting, and emotional moments unfold, you’ll see and hear directly from all of those who are closest to the action.

Like similar pages that Twitter set up for NASCAR events and the Euro 2012 championship, the dedicated Olympics page wont simply cull every tweet that hashtags "#Olympics." The tweets will be a hand/algorithmically chosen set of tweets that are the the most interesting and informative.

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