Lohan Charged With Assault After Nightclub Fight

Amanda CrumLife

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Oh, Lindsay.

One more arrest to add to the long list of legal problems the young actress has faced this year: assault. The 26-year old was arrested early this morning after an argument with a woman at Club Avenue--a club in NYC--escalated to violence. Lindsay allegedly slapped the woman and was taken downtown, where she was charged with third-degree assault. The woman reportedly suffered no injuries.

In the past year, Lindsay has been arrested no fewer than six times; her rap sheet includes alleged hit-and-runs, a suspicious jewelry heist, a car accident with an 18-wheeler which she was less than honest about to police, and allegations of property damage on the set of her Lifetime movie, "Liz & Dick".

No word yet on the effect this could have on her legally, since she's already in trouble with the judge for that whole lying-about-driving-after-an-accident thing (which happened while she was on probation).

Amanda Crum
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