Lizabeth Scott, Famed Noir Actress, Dies At 92

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Lizabeth Scott, the sultry blonde actress known for her work in film noir, has died at the age of 92.

Scott, whose nickname among the studios was "The Threat", worked with such Hollywood heavy-hitters as Elvis Presley, Humphrey Bogart, and Barbara Stanwyck. With nearly two dozen film credits on her resume, Lizabeth Scott became known for her attraction to the darker stories that made up the noir genre.

“It was a new realm, and it was very exciting, because suddenly you were coming closer and closer to reality," Scott said in an interview.

Scott faded from public view by the '70s, and later said she didn't miss being in the spotlight all that much. For a girl who grew up in Scranton, Pennsylvania in the '20s, Hollywood could be a bit much at times.

"I love not having the eyes of the world on me. I never understood adulation from strangers when I was making movies. Basically I'm shy and always have been," she said.

Lizabeth Scott passed away of congestive heart failure on January 31 after spending the latter part of her life raising money for charities and museums. Her final film role was in 1972, with the movie Pulp starring Michael Caine and Mickey Rooney.

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