Liza Minnelli Ready To Get Back To Work

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Liza Minnelli checked herself into rehab recently, and is getting the help she needs.

As an iconic singer, Liza Minnelli has always struggled with substance abuse. In fact, Minnelli has been in and out of rehab since the 80's, with her last stint being in 2004.

Her rep said, "Liza Minnelli has valiantly battled substance abuse over the years and whenever she has needed to seek treatment she has done so. She is currently making excellent progress at an undisclosed facility."

Her spokesperson, Scott Gorenstein, said, "It's no secret she has dealt with this for years. And when she felt the need to seek help again, she did."

A source close to Liza Minnelli updated People on her progress on Saturday, stating "Liza is doing very well in rehab and coming along fine."

That is no surprise, since the resilience of Liza Minnelli is well known. However, the surprising part is that Minnelli is ready to get back to work!

The 69-year-old is still in the recovery process, but Liza Minnelli already has some new projects on her mind.

The source said Liza Minnelli is "so eager to get out and go back to work, she is busy arranging her next projects."

And just what are those next projects that Liza Minnelli is desperate to get back to?

Gorenstein revealed that Liza Minnelli is ready to work on an upcoming concert series! That seems like a lot to take on for someone battling alcohol addiction, but she is up for it.

Of course, it's not about the money. Liza Minnelli simply thrives on performing. Some might say it's her therapy.

In fact, Liza Minnelli was offered half a million dollars to do Celebrity Rehab, but she turned it down.

What do you think about Liza Minnelli's most recent stint in rehab and her immediate plans to get back on stage?

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