Live Long And Prosper: Internet Collectively Mourns An Icon

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"Live long and prosper" was Spock's catch phrase on Star Trek and is a phrase that became the mantra for generations of nerds and outsiders.

Live long and prosper. Leonard Nimoy accomplished both goals in his lifetime, especially if one counts admirers for riches, and it is certain that he did.

Leonard Nimoy even signed off many of his various tweets and posts with, "Live long and prosper."

That is why, all weekend, the internet has woven "Live long and prosper", or #LLAP into its fickle, trending vernacular.

Fans, friends, colleagues, and co-stars alike have paid tribute to Leonard Nimoy, who died on Friday at 83 from complications due to COPD.

Many of those tributes have included "Live long and prosper" in one way or another, or #LLAP.

Some are touching, some are comical, but all show a deep gratitude and admiration for the man who left the people of earth with the gift of Spock.

Some are just downright impressive.

Isn't it great when an entire nation can come together over the resonant loss of an icon like Leonard Nimoy? "Live long and prosper" becomes something we wish for each other. At least for a day or two.

What do you think about the heartwarming "Live long and prosper" tributes pouring out across the nation?

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