Live a Wild Night and Capture It All on Your iPhone in Awesome Interactive Music Video

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Considering you're cool with allowing third party apps access to your Facebook data, interactive experiences can be a lot of fun. Social media sites (but especially Facebook) have such a massive trove of data about everything you do, that these apps are able to give you a truly personalized experience - photos, friend interactions, check-ins are all fair game.

Sometimes it can be a little creepy, I'll admit it. But if you're looking for a cool interactive experience that won't lead to all of your friends getting spammed to all hell, this new interactive music video from electronic duo MNDR is a great four minute ride.

The video is seen entirely through the lens of an iPhone, and the story plays out through text messages, maps app, Foursquare, Facebook, and a few more surprises. The "video" part of the music video is shown as if you're recording the whole thing through the camera app.

Quick, Amanda from MNDR texts you and wants you to come to a show. But you have to work early the next morning. What do you do?

Say screw it and have a memorable night, of course.


Click the link above to authorize Facebook access and have a personalized video experience. Or just watch a generic version of the video below:

[via PSFK]
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