Liv Tyler Reveals Her Newborn Son's Adorable Name

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Liv Tyler and her boyfriend, sports agent David Gardner, welcomed a baby boy on February 11th. He was six weeks early.

Since then, Liv Tyler and David Garner have kept a pretty low profile except their visits to the hospital to visit their son.

Despite his early arrival, their baby is healthy.

Liv Tyler’s rep told Popsugar after their son's surprise arrival, “He was born on Feb. 11. He is very early — six weeks — but healthy, and will be in hospital for a while.”

Her rep added, “She would like privacy until she can bring him home.”

Sailor Gene Gardner @davidgardner76

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On Friday, Liv Tyler finally told the world what they had named their newborn son.

She posted a pic to Instagram that showed her son's tiny hand with an anchor necklace in it. The pic had a caption that read, "Sailor Gene Gardner".

What a sweet name!

New York City ballet @dustinyellin

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This is Liv Tyler's first child with her boyfriend, sports agent David Gardner.

Gardner has a 7-year-old son, Grey, from a previous marriage.


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This is also the second child for Liv Tyler. She has a son, Milo, 10, with her ex-husband, Royston Langdon. All these boys!

Because of little Sailor Gene's early arrival, Liv Tyler's famous dad, Steven Tyler, just barely made it in time to see his grandson's birth. From this post, it sounds like his heart would have been broken if he didn't make it!

Hopefully Liv Tyler's son, Sailor Gene, will be able to join the family that loves him so much very soon!

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