Little Mermaid: Surgery Transforms Disney Princess

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The Little Mermaid, otherwise known as Ariel, has been a subject of some debate in recent years along with her fellow Princesses for having the impossible figure of a Barbie doll and perhaps sending the wrong message to young girls about the definition of beauty.

But one Venezuelan plastic surgery center has taken her looks several steps further by placing her in an ad for their services which depicts her going under the knife to remove her tail and...enhance...some other things.


While the ad is clearly meant for discerning adults with a cheeky sense of humor, some are concerned about the image and what it will say to girls or young women. However, to be fair to the company, they also created ads featuring other fairy tale characters, including one aimed at men.



Although the other ads don't necessarily resemble Disney characters, the Little Mermaid is clearly modeled after their version, so it's unclear just yet how they're getting away with using her image. We may be hearing about a lawsuit soon, but until then, the company is enjoying all the free press they're getting.

Amanda Crum
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