Lisa Vanderpump Rules With Iron Fist On Latest "Vanderpump Rules"

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Lisa Vanderpump was in top form on Monday night's episode of Vanderpump Rules.

Stassi Schroeder, former employee at SUR, found out just what it was like to cross Lisa Vanderpump and it wasn't pretty.

Stassi was hoping that Lisa Vanderpump would accept some money as a gift of apology for the insults she hurled at Vanderpump and other staff.

Lisa Vanderpump wasn't in a forgiving mood, unfortunately. She scolded, "This old woman's kind of busy, if you know what I mean. I think that was the last thing you called me publicly, Stassi. I don't have any interest in anything you have to say, to be honest."

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She continued, "You had a boss and a good friend, and you f--ked it up."

She added, "You really did. When you were 22, you didn't have a bloody pot to piss in, you know? And you came in here, and I really had your back. I wish I hadn't, to be honest."

Yep it's still here Pandora! Eloise...

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Schroeder sent a shot back when she confided in the camera, "She gave me a job — as a waitress. What do I owe you again?"

Seriously can't thank @juliusmichael1 & @mspriscillanyc enough for my look. #WWHL

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It was painful and fascinating to watch Lisa Vanderpump calmly unload on Stassi Schroeder like a boss, including Lisa telling her she's not important enough to hate.


What did you think about Stassi's apology to Lisa Vanderpump? Was it sincere at all?

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