Lisa Rinna Wears Depends On Red Carpet

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Depends is a brand of adult diapers notorious for bearing the brunt of jokes about incontinence, but actress Lisa Rinna fully supports the product in the name of empowering women not to be ashamed of their bodies.

The "Days Of Our Lives" star, who is perhaps more famous for her plump lips and longtime marriage to actor Harry Hamlin than she is for her resume, appears in a new commercial for Depends, who are launching a new "Silhouette For Women" line which are more streamlined to help with unsightly lines showing up through clothing. She sports a pair under a very slinky black dress in the ad, which puts her on a red carpet with her husband.

Rinna says the company donated $225,000 to Dress For Success--a non-profit organization which provides professional attire to disadvantaged women in order to help them secure jobs--in exchange for her appearance, and that she was glad to do it.

“You can go out and live your life with confidence and I love that take," she said. "I found out that 56 million people suffer from incontinence, that's one fifth of the population. That's huge!”

While some viewers appreciate her willingness to appear in an adult diaper, others are confused by it.

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