Lisa Lampanelli Talks To Dr. Oz About Huge Weight Loss

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Lisa Lampanelli is best known for hurling insults at people--mostly her friends--while onstage, either during her standup comedy routine or at various Comedy Central Roasts. But since her weight loss surgery five months ago, she's dropped 80 pounds and is gaining some attention for her new look.

Lampanelli says she's tried for years to stop overeating and drop the excess weight, but nothing worked for her. When she decided to go through with gastric bypass surgery, she knew she had to use it as a tool to lose the pounds and not as an answer.

“I tried every single thing imaginable – diet, exercise," she told Dr. Oz. "I even bought a house on the health spa property and I still gained weight. For 32 years, from 18 to 50, I tried everything on the planet, and once I had a clean slate with that I said, ‘You know what? Nothing’s working for me. I’m going to treat this like the addiction that it is. I’m going to get this surgery and use it as a tool. That’s all it is, a tool to help me get over it.”

The surgery removed 85% of her stomach, so now she's learning about portion control and says she feels full after just a few bites. She now says she's where she always wanted to be, size-wise.

Amanda Crum
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