Lisa Kudrow Loses In Court; Must Pay Ex-Manager

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It certainly hasn't been former Friends star Lisa Kudrow's day, week, month, or even her year.

After testifying in court about owing millions to her ex-manager, the verdict came back against the 50-year-old actress.

In a 10-2 decision, the jury awarded the plaintiff Scott Howard $1.6 million. Howard had sued Kudrow over claims that she had reneged on a verbal agreement made in 1991. The agreement was that Howard would continue to receive a percentage of royalties earned by Kudrow even after they parted ways.

Howard was fired in 2007, but took Kudrow to court a year later when she refused to pay the ex-manager over $50,000 in fees. Despite being together for 16 years, Howard said that Kudrow moved to immediately cut him off shortly after they dissolved their professional connection.

According to court documents, Kudrow's lawyers argued that the money sought was not something she was required to pay as Howard had been a manager, not an agent. They said that because of this distinction, Howard was not entitled to a commission on income earned after his firing.

The jury didn't agree, siding with Kudrow's manager. Unless Kudrow wins on appeal, she will be out $1.6 million.

Kudrow's attorney Gerald Sauer dismissed the outcome as, "merely one step in the legal process."

"This case ultimately will be resolved at the appellate level," said Sauer. "Ms.Kudrow has faith in the judicial system, and she believes that the eventual outcome of this contractual dispute will be in her favor."

Howard's lawyer Mark Baute remains confident that the decision will stand even beyond Kudrow's impending appeal.

"What generally happens now with unsophisticated actress clients is they overpay for filing a frivolous appeal that has no chance for success. The verdict is rock solid, and we look forward to collecting 10 percent, 16,000 dollars a month, in post-judgment interest while their frivolous appeal is pending."

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